Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Been a While

The following several weeks have been just insane in the amount of workload. I have been in studio nearly every waking moment outside of class and meals. And there have been very few "non waking minutes" and even fewer to come before Friday.

Not much happening beyond that. There was a sighting of a team playing professional football in Dallas! Otherwise the only other news is just of the culinary variety. We made epic fish tacos on Friday night with coleslaw and lime juice... Wow was that good! And on Monday I whipped up a crock pot of delicious roast beef and veggies for Drew's 25th Birthday! Quarter Century man....  Makes me feel a little better about turning 23 here in very short order. I will try and send out an email with pictures and stuff from my review here on Friday. In other news follow the link to see my student webpage here at ISU. I have programmed all this stuff into a website and have recreated the house in images into a 3D model in a program called Revit. I have finished the project I just need to change the materials, set up lights and shoot out some renderings and plans. It is a lot easier working on a smaller project such as a house than a 100,000 square foot performing arts center... This project makes me realize how much I have actually progressed since starting this program four-ish years ago, and it seems as if time has flown by...

Plus Thanksgiving break is a week long!!! WOOT!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Small Performance Hall

This is ubelievably simple in a horribly complicated way. We are using 3'x3' panel system to create a movable wall panel system to change the acoustics of our room whatever type of performance or musical styling it happens to be hosting. Making all these different styles took dang forever and now I have to refine them further for our next review to show that if works functionally. (Which through all the research I have done, it dang well better or I'm gonna make just a dang square box...) Finishing my restaurant tonight! Post pictures when I'm done.

Proscenium seating
Parliamentary style seating
Arena Style seating
Amphitheatre style seating arrangement

It might be difficult to get across from these images but it is coming along nicely and will be better when I set interior perspectives.

The Symphony Center that Never Ends!!!

Scheme and draw and model. Rinse. Repeat. Cleaning up our designs is very time consuming and quite honestly difficult. I have done our cafe three times already and need to do it just one more time, but I also need to get our small concert hall and VIP amenities figured out in conjunction with our loading dock, services and storage. The good news is that once I finish one of those things it makes the whole picture clearer. I just need to do that while staying in touch with two other people who are trying to do the same thing as me with other pieces of our building. On a less whinge-y note... I love how things are going!!! Speaking of how loving how things are going...

MANCHESTER CITY OBLITERATED MANCHESTER UNITED IN THE CROSS TOWN DERBY 6-1!!!!! Talk about making my day, I don't care what happens for the next few games of either the Cowboys or any other sports team I follow... How liberating to dismantle an opponent as such...

Just Read This from one of the greatest coaches ever...

I'm putting pictures up tomorrow, because I just needed a work break today.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Just as the Title says... That's all.

Mighty busy here this Thursday. Got some screenshots of things I am constructing in a computer program called Sketchup! (Some of you may have heard of it...) I have only one down and three to go too!!! Curse this comprehensive design studio!!! We are nearly finished with our design and still working on building our dang site model!! (Looks sweet though. I'll pic it when we're done with it.) Anyways... As promised here is my much vaunted group for the semester:

First of all my workstation... Lot messier right?

Stephanie Sereg!!!

Leila Ammar!!!

There you go. The two mystery strangers that have been putting up with me this semester as we work on our project. Pictured here is my project at the time. This is a section of our small 300 person performance hall with the current arrangement of procenium seating (aka just regular).

Pretty crazy. And I have 3 more configurations to make for this space because it is a modular structure that is highly changeable.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting Things Done...

Lots of things going on right now and not a lot of time to talk... Painting for the banner, Victory Lane and Storefront window went very nicely. Everything was designed and drawn out by me, and then painted with the help of others. I also spent a lot of time at the House (Phi Delt's) and got to know some of the pledges better and spent more time with old friends too. I will try and post pictures of the paintings as I get them, because I have not taken photos of things yet... But they look really good and we have been getting compliments from Greeks and non-Greeks alike.

City won in fantastic fashion the other day in their Champions League game! The scored a last minute goal to defeat Villareal 2-1. And I missed it... I gave up in the 89th minute and was going to class so I closed down my video feed and most of my windows when I made it to the ESPN gamecast of the game that was up so I could check the lineups... And as I moved my mouse over the "x" in the corner, the screen lit up and as City scored the winner... And I went to class happily!!!

We are also hammering out studio floorplans and making 3D computer and physical models to get the last of our concepts figured out so we can solve everything else for our building... Yup... Design is nearly finished and we are moving straight to structures, materials, costs and detailing. Pretty frightening! But I think we are around the class average in terms of work completed. More tomorrow including and introduction to my group: Leila and Stephanie... That way you know about the two people I mention quite frequently.